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Yesterday, the search for Oops the monkey ended as Zoo officials tranquilized the monkey and retrieved her from the tree where her arm got stuck when she fell. Ladder 1 “C” Shift was on location to assist with the capture. From what I understand they were called out for a “special assignment”. Ladder 1 raised the aerial ladder to get a Zoo official as close as possible to the monkey in order to shoot it with the tranquilizer. Another bang up job by the Roanoke Firefighters.

Oops the monkey found, returned to zoo – Roanoke.com:

Zoo staff and animal control officers followed her through the woods and after about two hours cornered her up a tree about 30 yards from the Fishburn Parkway Spur.

Staffers tried to encourage Oops to climb down by calling her name and offering her food. But she wouldn’t budge.

“She was locked tight in that tree,” said Bill Poage, the zoo’s consulting veterinarian.

After about 45 minutes, the staff decided it was time for the tranquilizer gun.

Using a ladder provided by the Roanoke Fire Department, Poage climbed to within 30 feet of the monkey.

His first shot at Oops was on the mark. Oops pulled the dart out, then climbed up and down the tree, agitated by the tranquilizer. (Read More)

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