Roanoke Fire Department – Badges

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Did you know that firefighters badges used to be numbered? That is right, Chief W.M. Mullins sent a bulletin to all the Captains on April 4th, 1930 explaining the new program of numbering all the firefighters badges.

The bulletin read:

Roanoke, Va.
April 4th. 1930

Bulletin to Captains:

We are to-day providing each member of the Department with a badge, numbers to begin with 15, The number has nothing to do with seniority or length of service but is a means of recognition at fires and other places.

Captains and Engineers whose badges are not numbered, when entering a place where the badge must be shown will state that he is a Fire Dept. Captain or Engineer of the Company to which he belongs.

Members must not loan or borrow badges, and in the event a badge is lost, it must be reported to this office immediately, violators of this ruling will be subject to heavy punishment, since the City has furnished these badges for the best interest of the Department, the members should show their appreciation by properly using them.

Yours truly,
W.M. Mullins (signed)
Chief Fire Department.

I am not sure of the date in which we stopped numbering our badges. Currently everyone’s badges look the same.

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