Roanoke Regional Airport Emergency Drill

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September 23rd 2006, 10 A.M.

The first seventy participants will be allowed to play the part of victims, victims’’ family members, and media. This is a great opportunity to participate in the community and test your improvisation skills. You will be given a brief description of your injuries and then expected to play the part accordingly. Brunch will be provided along with Commemorative T-Shirts.

The FAA mandates all airports conduct a full scale exercise once every (3) years to test and train emergency responders in the event of an aircraft accident.

To receive a sign up form please call
(540) 362-1999 or email:
NOTE: 18 years of age and older may participate

Hey look, you can come play with the ARFF Crew at the Airport. Doesn’t that sound like fun. Best of all it is a C- Shift day. Oh Joy. Maybe I will have a call by then. Huh? You heard me right. I have yet to run a call since I have been back on ARFF, with the exception of the FAA mandated “Quick Dash”. I have been at the ARFF Crew since December of 2004, we ran 2 calls during my time there before being moved to Station 8 for about 5 months in June 2005. I returned to the ARFF crew in October and I have not run an ARFF call since. I should play the lottery. I have run calls while riding on Engine 10, I get to ride E10 once every other cycle or two. This brings a whole new meaning to “The best job in the world” trust me. If my coworkers had a clue they would be lined out the door to get my position. Just don’t tell nobody.

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