TimesDispatch.com | The many faces of Va. bloggers

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Here is an interesting article on Bloggers in Virginia. Although the article speaks of the majority of bloggers, the political ones, I feel as though we are all incorporated. My blog only turns political when need be. Read on.

TimesDispatch.com | The many faces of Va. bloggers:

The many faces of Va. bloggers
The Web gives them a way to air their views and raise some issues Many faces of Virginia bloggers Web gives them way to air thei


Jul 2, 2006

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As there are for most everyone, political bloggers have their own stereotypes.

One of the most common is that of an unkempt white male, typically in his 20s, who spends count- less hours every day in front of a computer, churning out opinion articles and ruminations about the latest headlines.

In other words, a tech-savvy hermit.

Conaway B. Haskins III, 29, is none of those things.

He spends only a few hours a day working on his blog, doesn’t suffer computer withdrawal and admits that he isn’t exactly a techie. Oh, and by the way, he’s black.

But Haskins is a part of Virginia’s burgeoning blogging community. (Read More)

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