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I know, some of you are still waiting for the pictures from the softball game. I will be uploading them tomorrow. I promise.

As the book nears completion I have realized how much there is to the heritage of the Roanoke Firefighters. Hopefully the book will give the rest of my coworkers a glimpse into what I have learned. Most of it can be heard at various firehouse kitchen tables, just not all at once. I guess that is the bonus of working in a firehouse full time, another one part-time, and being a Union Officer. I must say that the most communal of the firehouse tables is probably #8, especially A-shift. I get to eat with A and B shift regularly when I work upstairs at the Credit Union. That place is a revolving door. You just can’t beat the camaraderie of lunch with those guys. Especially when ole Sexton gets on his kick of kickin everyone’s ass. The next story will be about kicking mine for that comment.

As the deadline closes in on the book being finished and several events coming up that I will be attending I am asking for anyone who has anything to post please let me know. If you have a picture, or news, or something job related, or whatever just send it in and I will post it. You can attach your name to it or leave that out. Whatever you want to post, I am willing to take a look at.

In other news, Shawn Roark and his wife just recently had a baby girl. Shawn is a firefighter in Bristol, Virginia who had come to work for Roanoke just briefly before having to return to Bristol. Shawn keeps me updated regularly and enjoys reading the blog.

The WEO shirts are in. Look for information on when and where to get them tomorrow.

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