History abounds, but what the hell is it?

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This tank below hangs on the wall down at fire station #1. Actually there are two of the tanks on the walls. They hang right next to Ladder #1. Ladder #1 sits right where the horse stalls used to be. So what does all this stuff have in common? Well the first motorized apparatus that Roanoke City bought were 1911 model Seagrave engines. These apparatus were housed at #4, #5, and #6 fire stations while #1 and #2 continued to use horses for several more years. These horses at station #1 were kept in stalls, and the “off-duty” horses were in a nearby pasture. Unfortunately there aren’t any known photographs of the inside of station #1 showing the horse stalls. The tanks that hang on the wall of station #1 were actually the tanks off of the 1911 model Seagrave’s. There being two tanks on the wall, we can assume that at least two of the three were scrapped.

The question is whether or not the tanks are the water/chemical tanks or the fuel tanks. Later on in the 1920′s the fuel tanks were located right behind the seat. If you look at the picture below you will see the tank, but there is space behind the seat where a fuel tank might be located behind the side panel. It appears as though the tank is a water tank because the valves and gauge that seem to be attached to it.

Picture courtesy of the History Museum of Western Virginia.

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