Just one of those days

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Today was one of those days. If you are following along, you know that I am assigned to the ARFF crew at Roanoke Regional Airport. I just ran my first airport alert this week. I rotate on the engine, but it is obvious my skills, both fire and EMS have suffered due to lack of calls. So when I get to run calls, my lack of recent experience is evident. Maybe it isn’t as evident as I think it is, but I am my worst critic (no comments necessary if you agree with me, thanks).

This morning began with a structure fire. Apparently someone was watching out for me because it was only a two car garage on fire, and I was the second in engine. E13 and L13 marked on scene with smoke and fire showing and passed command. Hodgin, who was driving the ladder hand stretched a line 200′ for E13, leaving us to take command. Realize for a minute that this is the first fire I have been on in two years, and I was to be command. So I took command until BC2 arrived and assumed command, and the guys put the fire out. Everything ran very smooth, and I was grateful that it wasn’t a house with people hanging out the windows. Job well done.

The we had EMS protocol rollout. Apparently the American Heart Association has decided that they needed to change the way we do EMS. Most of the stuff seems logical, although some of the changes seemed odd. I won’t bore you with the particulars.

Tonight, we were tested again. Due to HIPAA rules, I will not provide details. We received a call for a child struck by a car. This call ended up being exactly what they said it was. Calls involving children are never easy. I wish the patient, the patients family, and the driver involved the best. I will be praying for all persons involved, including the Roanoke Firefighters who ran the call. God Bless the child, I am praying for the best.

When I was at the hospital, I took a minute to collect my thoughts, and a hospital janitor walked by. The man said something to the effect of “you can’t let it bother you, once it grabs a hold, it is hard to get over”. I know that. We all know that. What the man said was true. But that doesn’t mean we can’t care. That doesn’t mean we can’t have feelings too.

If you are wondering if I am ok. I am. I am just getting it off my chest. I thought I might give those of you who aren’t firefighters or EMT’s a glimpse inside what goes through our minds.

Firefighters and EMT’s are the ones who have to respond to all that bad stuff that News channels love to report, and you love to watch. It is a hell of a lot easier being able to change the channel.

Thanks for tuning in.

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