Link Dump 5 – To keep you occupied

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Ok, this is kind of like the link dumps that I have been offering, only this time there will be commentation. Let us start off with Travis Pastrana’s double backflip at the X games (link). That is just sick. To think that only a couple of years ago the backflip was cutting edge. Then we will follow that up with an older video of a tractor trailer that overturned onto a car (link).
Then we move onto the local scene. I wonder if there are any Roanoke Firefighters who have run into any of these self proclaimed thugs.

Someone posted a comment, which by the way it is good to see the increased communication, about how many people see this site. Well I know I have posted the stats in the past, so I will update you on this site and the Local 1132 site. In case you were wondering about my run stats on the ARFF crew…still none. I have been running calls on the engine and I even rode the medic truck for 12 hours last cycle. I almost felt like a firefighter again.

Roanoke Firefighters Blog:

Weekly average: Pageviews 170 Unique visitors 121. It should be noted that when multiple people view the site from the same IP address like the City computers it only counts 1 each hour. So the numbers aren’t inflated by the City computers. Total hits = 61,560 pageviews

Local 1132 site:

Weekly average: Pageviews 191 Unique: 83. It should be noted that compared to the blog which is only 1 page plus the archives the Local 1132 site has about 70 pages. Total hits = 44,314 pageviews

And yes the traffic was up this week… I am sure you can imagine why.

A little note about comments. As you all know from reading the past several posts that there is a site designed for anonymous posts for firefighters to vent and I guess write whatever the hell you want. You are more than welcome to place comments on this site I just ask you to keep it professional. Feel free to try a little trick that I do when I want to vent. Start typing exactly what you feel, don’t hold anything back. But before you submit it read it over and realize that people are going to read it. Delete the parts you want, keep whatever you need to and post it. Then live with the fact that you just said what you said. Of course I have a lot more riding with my name on all my posts and comments. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the anonymity.

So I leave you all with this: The 10 best Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live skits of all time (link). This is hilarious.

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