National Volunteer Fire Council — Small Fire Stations Losing Volunteers

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Here is a decent article showing the two sides of two hatters. I thought it was an interesting article showing the impact of barring “Two Hat” Firefighters. Just remember that the bulk of this article is comparing firefighters from a fully paid IAFF department with a completely volunteer department. Read on.

National Volunteer Fire Council — Small Fire Stations Losing Volunteers:

Small Fire Stations Losing Volunteers

Many small towns face a dearth of emergency responders as cities forbid their crews from serving other towns in their spare time.

By Alexandra Marks | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

ROCKY HILL, CONN. – Fire Chief Joe Kochanek has a hard enough time making sure his volunteer department in this small town on the western bank of the Connecticut River stays fully staffed. Then the news from nearby Hartford hit.

In a new contract with its career firefighters, the city forbids them to volunteer at their hometown fire stations. The Hartford chief cites health and safety concerns. Chief Kochanek, who will lose two of his most qualified men, cites indignation.

“The reasons they’re giving for doing this are totally, totally wrong,” says Kochanek, standing arms akimbo in front of the shiny yellow trucks, parked in the new brick firehouse. “The fires in Hartford are no different from the fires here. If you say you’re going to get hurt in Rocky Hill, what makes you think you’re not going to get hurt in Hartford?” (Read More)

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