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Some of you may wonder where in the hell the posts have been. The truth is that I haven’t had time. I am finalizing the book right now. As a matter of fact I spent from 8am until 1030 pm today working on the final touches of the book. Unfortunately I am not done yet. I am still finishing off the last chapter. With any luck I will be finished as planned on Thursday.

The deal after that is it will go off to the publisher and they will send me a draft in a couple of months. After I return that they will have a publish date. I am hoping for February 2007, but I am not sure.

Next week I will be in Toronto for the IAFF convention. I will plan on posting stuff each day and updating the Local 1132 site regularly as usual.

I am working on getting a deal set with the new Virginia news site If you have anything to add or send to them let me know. They are looking for contributing editors. If any of you gurus out there are interested let them know. I will try to get them some photos and stuff so they can highlight our department a little bit. I did manage to get a link on it.

I have one video for you, since I have not had time to surf the net for your enjoyment. Check out these firefighters overseas trying to burn down their firehouse.

I have a little history lesson for you. The original fire station #1 was located at the corner of Jefferson and Kirk where the courtyard is, next to the Roanoke Chamber of Commerce. This station was closed in 1907 when the new fire station 1 was built, the one on Church Avenue. Have you ever wondered what happened to the original building. Well it got torn down in 1977. But what was it during those 70 years that it wasn’t a fire station? Here is your answer.

Above: The building on the right hand side, Steins Clothing store, is the old fire station. That is right, the building was altered to provide the store front space.

Here is the old fire station. It doesn’t look like it though.
Both of the pictures are from Nelson Harris’ book “Downtown Roanoke”

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