What has the IAFF done for me?

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What has the IAFF done for me?

This is a common question I am asked by members of Local 1132, as well as other Locals in the area. The answer isn’t quite that easy. You see, if I weren’t busy selling the IAFF to all of my members and working harder to support the IAFF and its members we wouldn’t be talking about it. If the members who ask these questions got involved and knew what the IAFF did, then I wouldn’t have to tell them. If the members read the Local 1132 website daily to check for new information, and were on the email list, they would not miss important information, dates, and news. And if a pig had wings it might fly.

Since I am away from everyone, and nobody has asked what the IAFF has done for them for a couple of days, I will just go ahead and tell you. The IAFF Financial Corporation, which is owned an operated by the IAFF for its members, offers excellent products. From free checking/ATM accounts to CD’s with an interest rate of up to 5.36% (today’s rates), the IAFF FC is there to help. The FC also offers insurance at low rates through Liberty Mutual and Mortgages which you may be preapproved for in less than 15 minutes.

If you have not looked into the IAFF Financial Corporation you are missing out. If you have not looked, you cannot ask what the IAFF has done for you.

I will have more to come.

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