CBS To Rebroadcast 9/11 Documentary – News

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CBS To Rebroadcast 9/11 Documentary – News:
The CBS Television Network and filmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet and James Hanlon have updated the multiple-award winning program “9/11″.

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The two Naudet brothers had been working on a documentary of FDNY and a probie’s life in the city. September 11 saw them on a call with the company in the streets of New York when the sound of a low flying jet was heard overhead. As they panned the camera up, the American Airlines jet crashed into the World Trade Center tower.

I remember watching this the first time it aired. I have a copy at home as a matter of fact. I thought that the film gave a great sense of realism to what those firefighters were up against that day. I believe that films like this one will stand as a great history lesson for our children and future generations to watch and witness what happened on that terrible day.

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