Firefighting in Roanoke

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Here it is in all its glory. The book is near completion. Click on the picture to see it enlarged and read the text. This is the cover proof for the book. There weren’t any changes, so that is exactly what it will look like. The picture is Fire Station 1 in the 1930s.

I will receive a cover proof of the book in about a week. I will make any necessary changes and submit the book draft. After they alter make the changes the book will go into printing. This will be at in about two weeks. The book will be available sometime in the next 6 months. That is the guarantee. Hopefully it will be available in January or February. The timing couldn’t be more perfect with all of the events of next year.

The long road of writing this book has been enjoyable. I have had a lot of assistance from my peers. I appreciate all of the help. Print the picture out and post it in the stations, this way no one will say “What book”.

Now that I have the book behind me, look for more initiatives in the future.

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