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I am spending most of my time taking vacation and spending it on the Blue Ridge Parkway ( Mile marker 95.5, ten miles south of the peaks and ten miles North of Rt. 460 in Botetourt Co. Harvey’s Knob). On Wed. there was a group of motorcycles (all Harley’s) coming through and I noticed a FF emblem on the back of a leather jacket that caught my eye.
I proceeded to ask questions and found that a group of 60 or so FF’s from Texas, Okla. Missourri, & Maryland were traveling together and going South. I did not get where they were going as they were in a hurry. I could not get pic of the back of a jacket, but did get a pic of a sticker on a windshield of what was on the jacket.
You just never know where you will meet other FF’s enjoying this beautiful country.

- Sent in by a RoanokeFire.com reader

I always enjoy the emails. I have a couple more I need to get to.

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