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Thanks Amanda, for a wonderful story on one of our Brothers.

Hail to the chief – Roanoke.com:

Hail to the chief
Billy Obenchain will retire soon after 33 years of service with the Roanoke Fire-EMS Department.

Amanda Codispoti

Battalion Chief Billy Obenchain won’t miss the reheated lasagna and dry meatloaf his firefighters have tried to pass off for dinner at Roanoke’s Fire Station No. 2.

But Obenchain is going to miss giving those cooks a hard time.

“Those guys love to serve frozen lasagna and bread in a bag,” said Obenchain, whom firefighters sometimes refer to as the “cook cop.”

Obenchain, 54, is battling cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, a cancer of the blood.

He’ll retire early next year, ending his 33-year career as a firefighter.

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