Promotional Testing

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Roanoke Fire-EMS is currently performing promotional testing for the position of Lt., 1st Lt., and Captain. Approximately 80 firefighters underwent the written testing today. The testing will conclude next week with the practical portion of the testing process. Following the testing, the scores will be tabulated and promotions will likely occur in the end of November.

In the middle of November, the recruit class will graduate and soon after join the rank and file members of the department bringing the staffing levels up. The recruit class is comprised of 18 rookies for Roanoke City as well as recruits from Lynchburg, Roanoke County, and Salem.

It is this time when the Roanoke Firefighters are shuffled around to make room for the new recruits, and newly promoted officers. This event occurs just about each year.

I hope to have something up for the recruits in the next week or so.

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