Roanoke Fire-EMS helps out with the U.S. Challenge

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On Sept. 03 Captain Marvin Huddleston, Lt. Baron Gibson & Firefighter Davel Muse were assigned the task of assisting the US Challenge, Challenger World team at Carvins cove. The team arrived at 12:00 hrs and by 12:30 hrs. Captain Huddleston had the team out on the cove in the Swift water ZODIAC. The Challenger team had the task of plotting certain points on the cove for teams to find during the competition. They were on the water for about an hour. The photos of the ZODIAC on the water were taken by Digi-scope.
The team members names are from left to right, Jennifer Trapp & Scott Bowers of North Carolina and Nicky French Blake & Chris Dowling of the UK.

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