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Check this out. I was asked to join bloggers from around the World in writing for the International Firefighting Weblog. This is a unique opprotunity for me in getting the word out about Roanoke across the Globe. If you have any suggestions for articles or if you want to write an article for the blog, let me know. I can post it, giving proper credit to the author. Check back often to see what is blogged from around the Globe. I will have a link to the site on the sidebar soon.

International Firefighting Weblog:

A brief introduction
Rhett Fleitz on November 6th, 2006

Hello to all the firefighters (and other readers) of this brand new blog. It is great to see the World of Fire/EMS Service collaborate with the Blogoshpere once again. I am honored to be incorporated in this blog and to offer the view from Roanoke, Virginia and across the U.S. I look forward to reading what other authors on this site have to offer and I hope that I can live up to your expectations. (Read More)

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