Shooting in Roanoke on Thanksgiving Day

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Yesterday, the crew at Station 10 had a great Thanksgiving Feast prepared by Fellowship Community Church. We ran two calls on the engine. One was an oven fire, which was out by the time we got there. The other was for a drive-by shooting on Edinburgh. It wasn’t very exciting though, luckily for the victim. The victim was shot twice in the lower back (according to the paper * I don’t want to cross the line with the HIPPAA laws that exist).

Let me tell you though, for someone who hasn’t run many EMS calls or any other calls for a long time, you learn really quick what you have forgotten. I don’t mean you remember all the stuff you forgot, you just remember you forgot it.

It has been a while since I have run a shooting, since we don’t have many in Roanoke, luckily. I do remember the days of the quadruple shootings in the “not so upstanding” places in Richmond. Those will keep you on your toes.

That is all I got. Some of the rookies have already got to see some fire. It seems as though it is becoming the busy time of the year. It resembles the first three months of the year with all the fires occurring.

Stay safe.

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