Brotherhood – Helping a Brother out

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There are many things that can be said about the Brotherhood of the Roanoke Firefighters. One thing about us is that we are always there to help a brother save a little money, or lend them an extra hand. Many firefighters moonlight as plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, landscapers, etc. This comes in handy when one of us is in need of a professional, or someone who has experience in a trade. This also comes in handy when a firefighter experiences a life changing event, or a death in the family and needs a little help around the house.

Not all of us can help everyone all the time, but usually you can find someone to help. For instance, Jeremy Bennington is building a house. Now when I say he is building it, I don’t mean he is overseeing subcontractors as they work and lining up the next subcontractor. I mean he is building it by himself, with the help of his brothers. Side note: if you want to help him, and yes he is always looking for some help, please contact him.

Today, I spent a mere two hours helping a brother install carpeting in his family room. No, I am not a skilled professional, but I have done it before. I felt confident that we could get it completed and looking good. We installed it, it looks great, and best of all it only took two and a half hours. Money saved = $250. I walked away with a sixer of Sam Adams Boston Ale. What more could you ask for.

Here are a few tips on getting people to help.
1. Only get them to help if they will know what they are doing.
2. Get them some beer or feed them lunch if they help out. If they don’t drink, just leave out the beer.
3. Don’t give them the beer until the job is done, unless they are merely there for the camaraderie and moral support. I think that is self explanatory.
4. Always remember that they helped if you need help later on down the road.

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