Captain Gary Laprad Retires

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Captain Gary Laprad has retired. Apparently he didn’t opt for letting many people know before he left and I found out for sure after the fact. Gary Laprad, Bumpass as many call him, comes from a family of firefighters. Gary’s father, Charlie E. Laprad Sr., and his two brothers Micheal “Mikey” and Charlie “Eddie” Jr. worked for the Roanoke Fire Department. There has been a Laprad, from this family, in the FD for the past 58 years. There were some other Laprads in the department but from what I understand they weren’t all related.This picture was taken around 1994 by Maurice Wiseman in front of the Garden City Station 11. Gary was hired on February 3, 1986, his retire date will be February 1, 2007 giving him 21 years in the department. He worked his last day last week. From what I hear, he will be going to teach at a local school. Gary was most recently assigned as Captain at Station 3 on B Shift. I wish you a long and healthy retirement Gary.

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