Roanoke Metro Fire/EMS?

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This picture was sent to me of the Roanoke Metro Fire/EMS Department Station #11. If you didn’t know, in exchange for Engine 11′s (Garden City) response into the Mount Pleasant area of Roanoke County, Mount Pleasant Medic 62 runs calls into the Garden City area of Roanoke City. Apparently some of the guys were having fun with the fact that there has been an increased amount of mutual aid and automatic aid on top of having City guys working out of a County Station. There were rumors of a “Metro” Department even before the assistance among localities began.

Currently we have:

A Lieutenant and a Firefighter stationed at Clearbrook Station #7 on each shift riding on County Apparatus and responding to a first due territory which includes Roanoke City around the Electric Road/220 corridor.

Engine 4 runs automatic aid with Salem.

Engine 13 runs automatic aid with Roanoke County and Salem.

Engine 10 runs automatic aid to Roanoke County.

Engine 6 runs mutual aid into Vinton frequently.

Of course mutual aid has no bounds, any of the jurisdictions can ask for assistance at anytime and the firefighters are more than welcome to help.

The automatic aid calls have increased, and City units are frequently used to assist the outlying localities.

Of the mutual aid coming back into the City, it seems as though we use Medic 71 the most. Maybe someday there will be a “Metro Fire Department”.

I apologize if I left out any of the mutual/automatic aid that we assist with. These are just the ones on the top of my head.

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