Benefit Book Signing for Injured Firefighter Kevin Jamerson

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On April 28th there will be a benefit book signing for Kevin Jamerson at First Due: Fire/EMS Gear at 1 pm. Read more about the event here.
Left to right; Rhett Fleitz, Natasha Ryan, and Kevin Jamerson

The more important thing is that Kevin, Sarah Fuhrman, and I were interviewed by Natasha Ryan of News Channel 7. Check out the story and video here. Funny story: Natasha asked me to spell my first and last name when we first went on camera. I blanked out. It was hilarious. She had to ask me again.

I am not sure she was interested in me or the book at all.
Here I am getting set for sound

All that and they only used about 5 seconds of it. Not a big deal though. Thanks to Sarah Fuhrman for the pictures. The event is being sponsored by First Due: Fire/EMS Gear.

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