Funeral Arrangements for Kyle Wilson

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Hey guys,

Here is the deal:

The funeral service will be at the Nissan Pavilion on Saturday the 21st at

There will be visitation on Friday the 20th at 1600hrs to 1800hrs and
1900hrs to 2100hrs at the Miller Funeral Home, 3200 Golansky Blvd in
Woodbridge VA. 22192 that number is 703-878-2273

Todd Stone sent this info:

It appears that the wake will be this sat for the LODD in prince william on monday.A-shift is working so i can not go. I Talked to chief Hoback in the staff meeting yesterday and if anyone from the department would like to go to the wake on Sat the city will provide the training vans and the pio van. So if anyone would like to go up and show support to this family and this department please call Chief Hoback and secure the vans and get a list of who wants to go. All info on the wake will be out today .Thanks Todd Stone

Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend or even schedule the trip. I certainly hope that we get a group of firefighters to go. Please let me know if I can help, but I will be travelling to Boston in the morning and I will be gone until next Tuesday.

If you have never been able to go to a Firefighter LODD funeral, it is certainly an event that deserves the utmost reverence. Knock on wood, but Virginia has been very fortunate over the years and we have not had too many LODD’s. I travelled to Chesapeake when the two firefighters died in the Advance Auto parts store. The procession was miles long. I cannot estimate as to how many firefighters were there, but they were all there to pay respects for two of our Fallen Brothers. If you have the chance to pay proper respects and travel to Prince William, please do so. Thanks to Chief Hoback for giving our Brothers the opprotunity to pay respects and provide travel for the event, and thanks to Captain Stone for setting it up.

God Bless you Kyle Wilson and your family, Brother and Sister Firefighters, and all of those affected by your sacrifice. You will not be forgotten. Godspeed Brother.

For more information on Kyle Wilson click here.

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