Three more bite the dust

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At times, keeping this site up to date is tedious. Often I do not have the time, or the information you guys want to see in a timely manner. I made it a point to give each member who leaves a moment in the spotlight, especially those retiring. The guys who retire often get more time and energy put into their posts than the members of the mass exodus we have seen in the recent years. It has become tedious keeping up with who is going and when they are leaving. Often times I hear of someone leaving months before they leave and then only find out they are gone after the fact. That being said, we have lost three more members of the department; Dan Spearin, Daniel Spradling, and Kent Clark. Spearin came in 2002, Spradling in 2003, and Clark in 2005. They have left for different reasons.

Good luck to the three of you. God Bless.

I know that comments may veer to saying that they left because of pay and benefits, then others will say that they didn’t and there is no basis for saying that members leave due to pay and benefits. The comments will go back and forth.

I will say this, maybe some leave for better paying departments, maybe some leave for other career options, others just don’t like the job. However, if the job here in Roanoke was a little more appetizing, maybe we wouldn’t lose so many to chasing other options.

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