Another update

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I got this email from Tom Bishop, David’s brother.

Don’t know if you talked with anyone today, but David and Tracey are progressing as expected. Tracey is in a lot of pain, but has been up walking. The doctor said today would probably be her worst.

David is feeling better and as expected is sore also. He is in isolation in intensive care to prevent any germs from finding their way in.

I know he will be glad to get back on his feet also.

Thanks to all the fellow firefighters for all their assistance during this ordeal. One thing I learned as a firefighter for 10 years is that when things are down you can always count on your brothers for a helping hand.

Update on the Charleston Firefighter Memorial:

5 guys from Roanoke County, 2 from Salem, and Jeremy Bennington and Jeff Oliver from the City will be in Charleston for the Memorial tomorrow. I know we all appreciate them representing us.

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