Captain David Bishop to undergo surgery

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I just want to inform you or remind you that David Bishop and his wife will be undergoing surgery tomorrow (June 20th). The surgery will be taking place at Henrico Doctors Hospital (if I am not mistaken).

David has renal failure and will be receiving a kidney from his wife. Apparently the surgery is fairly invasive. David will have a recovery time at the hospital of two weeks, while his wife will only be admitted for one week post op. Following their time in the hospital they will have another short stay in an apartment attached to the Hospital.

Several people are keeping an eye the two, their children, and their house. I should be notified of the news after the surgery and I will pass it on to everyone. David’s brother will be with him through surgery and either his mother or his wife’s mother will be staying with them at the apartment. If he needs anything, he knows to call.

David has been in great spirits during this whole ordeal. I wish him and his wife a speedy recovery.

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