Fire Station 9′s brand new kitchen table

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Update: If you are following along with the comments, Captain Wines mentions #9′s old patch that Chief Obenchain made back in the day. If you want to see it look here: I have posted the patch on the blog in the past but didn’t feel like searching for it. RMF

Fire Station 9 finished their kitchen table recently and sent in pictures. They have produced t-shirts with the emblem that is seen on the wall at the pole upstairs. It seems as though the guys have done a great job with the table. All three shifts had their hand in completing the table.

Who will be next? Station 1, 5, and 9 have made them already. I have an idea for the big 13, I just have to find the time. Good job guys.

You guys can order the shirts and other memorabilia with their logo on it here:

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