The Charleston Firefighter LODD’s

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The names of the firefighters who died yesterday evening:

Capt. William “Billy” Hutchinson – 48 years old – 30 years of service
Capt. Mike Benke – 49 years old – 29 years of service
Engineer Louis Mulkey – 34 years old – 11 1/2 years of service
Engineer Mark Kelsey – 40 years-old – 12 1/2 years of service
Engineer Bradford “Brad” Baity – 37 years old – 9 years of service
Assistant Engineer Michael French – 27 years old – 1 1/2 years of service
Firefighter James “Earl” Drayton – 56 years old – 32 years of service
Firefighter Brandon Thompson – 27 years old – 4 years of service
Firefighter Melvin Champaign – 46 years old – 2 years of service

Information above from the STatter911 Blog.

There is a memorial fund set up for the Firefighters:

Anyone wanting to donate money to the firefighters’ families can make a donation at any Bank of America location or send money to: The City of Charleston Firemen’s Fund, P.O. Box 304, Charleston, SC, 29402.

Information above from

If you want, start “passing the hat” for the firefighters. I will coordinate the effort, as several of you have already asked about donating for the firefighters. All you have to do is get the money or checks together and put them in an envelope and get them to me directly or get them to your Union VP (J.J. Price – A, Tom Mougin – B, and Steve McFaden – C) and they will get it to me. Do not put it in the departmental mail, please get it to one of us directly. Make sure checks are made out to: The City of Charleston Firemen’s Fund.

Thanks, if you have any questions let me know.

This is the least we can do.

If anyone wants to travel to Charleston to the upcoming funerals, let me know. I know of one who is already planning on going. I will post the funeral arrangements when they come in. More than likely the events will span several days.

God Bless, and Stay Safe.

Be sure to review the 2007 International Fire & EMS Safety Stand Down which is going on right now.

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