Roanoke Firefighter in need of help

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About two years ago, a Roanoke’s Firefighter set out to build his families dream house. He planned the build and got the loan. He relied on brother and sister firefighters to help out build his dream home in order to save money and afford the house that his family would live in for many years to come. The house is nearly done, but he is in need of a lot of help to complete his dream home in time before the bank forecloses on it. The deadline is November 11th.

Jeremy Bennington, easily described as a very close friend of mine, has worked tirelessly over the past two years to build his dream home. The house is a log cabin built nearly completely with the hands of brother and sister firefighters.

However, he has unfortunately come up a little short on time and manpower. He is asking for help in completing his house. Currently, the house is under roof, drywalled, and primed. He needs help with putting in the kitchen cabinets, putting down hard wood flooring, trimming out the house, painting, building the garage, and many other tasks in time to get his Certificate of Occupancy and building loan converted to a mortgage on November 11th. Many of the firefighters he works with have spent days helping him, but they need more help.

I remember when we all got together to build the houses for habitat for humanity. We blew them away by working tirelessly, without complaint, and without anything but the good feeling of helping out a family in getting a new house after hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

I am calling out for help in completing this house for Jeremy and his family, who have been living with their in-laws the entire time. Jeremy works on the house everyday that he is off, and has numerous days of vacation between now and November 11th.

Doug Hurd has easily helped out the most in the construction. He is interested in getting you all out to help build as well.

If you have a skill that you think may help, please call and set up a time to help. If you are a jack of all trades like most of us are, plan on coming out or just show up. If you just want to help, you are welcome to help in any way possible.

The house is located at 13320 Narrow Passage Road in Eagle Rock. Here is a link for the directions.

Everyone is welcome to help.

Please contact:
Jeremy Bennington (13 C-Shift) Cell – 540-537-9997 Pager 540-224-0288 Home 540-884-2278 (his cell phone doesn’t always work at the house.
Doug Hurd (13 A-shift)
Rhett Fleitz (13 C-shift) Cell – 540-537-8158 Pager 540-201-4667

Thank you so much for helping.

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