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Recently, I have witnessed another wave of comments on the blog. Some are great…constructive and professional. Others are childish, rude, and unnecessary.

I get a lot of people who say things like the blog is becoming the rumor mill, or that it is not doing any good.

I know the people who make certain comments. I have known them for a long time. I don’t mean that I know each person who has made each individual payment, however I know the type. Remember the rumor mill. I know who was making most of the comments. Everyone knows I was a part of it, but no one knows to what extent. It doesn’t matter.

My point is this; As long as you let it bother you, they will continue to do it. It is just like in the company. If you give your brothers material, they are going to have fun with it. That is our nature. The wheel chock…that was priceless. I can’t believe that person wasted the time to type that comment.

As for the comments on training and certain incidents that have happened recently, I will say this:

  1. Everyone in this department needs to train more, especially on the basics.
  2. We will always have room to improve.
  3. We will continue to learn from our mistakes.

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