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Hey guys. I have been talking to a lot of you all recently and thought I would jot down some random thoughts that have been the topics of discussion.

  • No matter what kind of tone is given, it is an emergency for someone. Even though a “nose bleed” may not seem like an emergency to us at face value, if it made someone call 911 it is an emergency until we arrive on scene to access the situation and mediate. I was discussing with someone today how some of us take several extra bites of food at dinner, finish a conversation, or just casually walk to the truck. Why be so slow to get to the truck just to race through traffic. These are fundamentals.
  • Furthermore, maybe EMS Prevention isn’t such a bad idea (first brought to my attention by Chief Manuel).
  • No matter who the person is, you HAVE TO respect the Rank.
  • Most would agree on the biggest problem in our FD, but what is our greatest accomplishment – That is easy: putting up with the biggest problem.
  • Don’t lose sight of the good by all the bad. It is real easy to dwell on the bad stuff that goes on, sit back and think of all the good things which have occurred.
  • Somebody was telling me about the new ambulance planned to be put in Station 8. My thought is this: Isn’t a medic truck needed elsewhere prior and what engine company will be taken out of service this time to put a medic truck into service.
  • If there is fire, it is a working fire right. So what if you don’t need any more trucks, tell dispatch that units on scene can handle.
Most of all, enjoy your job. We are public servants. We are put on a pedestal when things go good, and drug through the mud when things go bad. We are usually only recognized in times of need. We got into this job to help people and we are given that opportunity several times each shift. All we can do is pat ourselves on the back for a job well done and hold our heads high.

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