The Crow Saga Continues

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I received this via email this morning:

I wanted to give you a little update on the kid-napping incident you posted about earlier last week. By now, or at least after now, the culprits will be revealed so a little explaining should follow. It all started with a kid-napping at station # 9-C. Our beloved and now well known door bell (or “BING-BONG” as we call it ) was not only kid-napped but held ransom by some mean looking characters wearing turbans. A note was received demanding money and on mere Firefighter salaries, we knew the door bell was surely doomed. Quick goat thinking led us down the path of prisoner exchange vs. paying a high ransom. Some easy detective work revealed enough clues from the ransom picture to let us know where to strike and the result was the missing crow. Threats were made, our own ransom note delivered and an exchange location planned. Never to be out done, and knowing we were playing with professionals, we knew that we had better have a “back up” plan so, a hostage recovery team was deployed. Lucky for us and our “BING-BONG”, the assault went off flawlessly. Now, we were faced with a dilemma. Our loved door bell was now safely home, but what about the boys at # 5 ? Were they to suffer over the loss of their Ghetto Crow because of one bad decision? Should we keep both the Crow and our door bell and simply sit and bask in the glory? I’m sure you can tell, the upcoming decision would not be an easy one.

In the mean time, to make up for the torture and interrogation the crow was subjected to, we decided to show him some of the better end of living that we have here in the higher end of Northwest before sending him home. He had already seen some aspects of higher living as evidenced by his worldly travel post the kid-napping. Not to skimp, we scheduled yet another out of town trip to a ski resort in West Va. We cleaned the little lice laden apple eater up and loaded the vehicle for a day of fun in the snow. He seemed to really enjoy the trip and even posed for a few pictures (1 I have included). Everyone should be pleased to know that the little fella will be safely back at his home this evening (although I do think he’s starting to like it here more and more each day… all the travel and cultural experiences etc.) We can only hope that this little capped crusader of the ghetto will be better taken care of in the future and never fall subject to such shenanigans again.

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