A peak at Charlotte

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I got an email from John Poff, a frequent reader of the blog, with some links to RIT and Firefighter Survival training in Charlotte. Apparently John checks in on the blog because he is a former Roanoker. As a matter of fact, he states that he went to high school with Captain Tim Parry.

John is just one of the many out of towners or former Roanokers who has checked in with me to let me know they like to read the blog. If you are in a similar situation drop me an email and let me know what is going on.

John sent in the following links of Charlotte Firefighters at work.

Slide show of pictures

Simulated danger, real survival lessons

Charlotte is a pretty decent department from what I know. I looked into relocating there about 3-4 years ago and liked what I saw. The department is still growing and adding stations as the City of Charlotte annexes the outlying Counties.

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