Firefighters earn state award for work during Roanoke fire

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One firefighter suffered cardiac arrest during the November incident, but colleagues helped him.

Scott Hetherington had no pulse and wasn’t breathing when his fellow Roanoke firefighters pulled him out of a burning house in November.

They laid the 39-year-old on the front lawn, and Assistant Fire Chief Billy Altman began cardiopulmonary resuscitation on Hetherington, who recovered.

Meanwhile, another crew of firefighters arriving at the Ferdinand Avenue house got to work searching the home and putting out the blaze.

“You could see the pain on their faces, and they did an outstanding job,” Roanoke Fire-EMS Chief David Hoback said.

The department is receiving a Governor’s Award for their quick actions to take care of the fire scene and save Hetherington, who suffered a cardiac arrest.

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