Look who’s shaving his head!

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Look who’s shaving his head!

Eielson FF Association Team Member Jeff Akin

From the website:

“You heard it right – I’m shaving my head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research!

In the US, more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Please make a donation on my behalf to support childhood cancer research so that all children diagnosed with cancer will have a better chance for a cure.

To make a donation, click on “Donate Online” or “Donate by mail or phone.”"

Visit the website here

Although many of us do not know Jeff Akin, I was sent this story by Lewie Kennitt. He wrote:

“This guy is a FF in North Pole Alaska and a friend of a friend. I promised my friend I would send this on to some brothers. So if you want to post it on the blog that would be great but if you don’t, I can understand that too. I told my pal, firefighters are always giving time and money to MDA among other things and not sure if we would get involved with this.”

If you have the chance, donate to this great cause. If anyone is interested in heading this thing up next year, I will be the first to shave my head.

God Bless

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