2008 Promotional List

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Someone asked me to publish the promotional list. This is something I was planning on doing on the IAFF site, but haven’t had time to do and this is easier. Since the Department does not publish the list anywhere for all to see, I don’t mind letting you all see where the candidates placed. As far as promotions go, there are rumors of making promotions, holding off until July 1, holding off until the next recruit school graduates, and there is also talk of getting rid of the 1st Lt. position all together. Unfortunately for all of us, we will just have to guess until it happens since it is hard to get a straight answer. This is an unofficial list. I apologize in advance for spelling errors.

Captains List:

  1. Toby Bedwell
  2. David Bocock
  3. Scott Graham
  4. Sam Stump
  5. Chad Riddleberger
  6. John Arrington
  7. J.J. Price
  8. Scott Alford
  9. Lynn Flora
1st Lieutenants List:
  1. Mac Craft
  2. Dean Russell
  3. Scott Weaver
  4. Travis Simmons
  5. Jason Crouch
  6. Rhett Fleitz
  7. Randy Smith
  8. Darren Parker
  9. Brian Wray
  10. Chuck Sharp
  11. Todd McFall
  12. Jeremy Bennington
  13. Rodney Jordan
  14. Terry Hauck
Lieutenants List:
  1. Jarrod Fuhrman
  2. John Burrows
  3. J.D. Reynolds
  4. Jonathan Van Dam
  5. Adam Troutt
  6. Scott Boone
  7. Josh Holmes
  8. Andy Foley/Trevor Shannon
  9. Matt Wheeling
  10. Todd Harris
  11. Chip Johnston
  12. Tim Brown
  13. Richard Lipes
  14. Jerry Thompson
  15. Zac Slayton
  16. Greg Fulton
  17. Devon Turner
  18. Jeff Proulx
  19. Travis Collins
  20. Mike Peay
  21. Shane Duncan
  22. Adam Fleming/Duane Noell
  23. Michael Jenkins
  24. Rob Bolton
  25. Travis Meador
  26. David Lucas
  27. David Wray
  28. Craig Champney
  29. Chris Price
  30. Dennis Hayes/Josh Pruitt
  31. Daniel Murphy
  32. Brad Dinwiddie
  33. Jon Dixon
  34. Kevin Taylor
  35. Linda Jones
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