How to fix Roanoke City Council

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I saw this commercial the other night. I loved it. Then, posted the Youtube video. I am now posting it for you all.

Amidst all of the issues with Roanoke City Council, the problems continue. I have spoken with several candidates and I am not too surprised by the people who are running. Nor am I surprised by some of the reasons some are running. So much for the Republicans though, they aren’t running anyone. It seems as though many aren’t willing to waste their money running against the Harris Contingency.

Bowers and Wishneff are running though. So far, I am more pleased with these two than any others.

Check out their ideals they are running on below. It seems as though they are willing to spell out what they will spend, instead of the Harris Contingency just doing whatever the hell they want.

A Real Downtown Roanoke Agenda – April 2008

Abandon the Amphitheater project along Reserve Ave and take the $12,600,000 budgeted for that project and instead spend it downtown on the following projects:

1. $3,000,000 – Elmwood Park Amphitheater of 2-3,000-seats

2. $3,000,000 – City Market Building Renovation, City share of estimated $7-$8M for comprehensive renovation

3. $1,000,000 – Center in the Square Renovation this represents initial payment on multi-year City $4M commitment for this $27M renovation and reinvention of Center

4. $1,500,000 – Church Ave. Garage Renovation, this represents a cash payment to eliminate need for City to borrow which makes parking rate increase unnecessary

5. $250,000 – Farmers Stalls Modernization that adds items like heat, electricity, which was requested by farmers

6. $850,000 – Market Square Improvements, initial aesthetic and functional improvements to Square to support ability to more easily change uses at nights & weekends

7. $3,000,000 – New 600+ Williamson Rd Parking Garage in parking lot across from Link Museum could hold new hotel rooms and meeting space on top for expanded Hotel Roanoke;
strategic location allows for parking garage to serve multiple purposes including Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, the Civic Center, the improved Market Building and the new Art Museum, money represents initial City contribution for planning & design toward a much larger
multi-million project
$ 12,600,000

Presented by Mayoral candidate David Bowers and Roanoke City Councilman and candidate Brian Wishneff

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