If he said so…then he must be right

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It is sad to hear of what the Roanoke Firefighters think now that the budget cuts have been confirmed.

Mostly, the firefighters believe they have lost the backing of their Fire Chief. I think it is obvious, others needed a little more time to come around to the realization.

It is funny though, you hear Council Members and others say things like…well that is what he is paid to do…and he is just doing his job…and his hands are tied.

I am calling shenanigans. That is right. I think it is just the opposite. He is the Fire Chief. His job is to manage the Fire-EMS Department. His job is to make sure that Myself and my Brother and Sister Firefighters get to go home to our families after every shift. His job is to ensure the Publics Safety related to Fire and EMS Services.

I do not know any other way of explaining it other than to say that EVERY firefighter thinks this is a terrible idea and no good can come of it.

I have heard what some of the Council Members have to say and they are standing behind the notion that “well the Fire Chief said so”. That can mean only one thing, that they will remember when we cry foul…and they have their scapegoat.

Hopefully, in the future I will be able to getting some entertaining things on here again to brighten your day. However, today is not one of them.

Watch Channel 10 and 13 tonight, they both covered the events of today.

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