Roanoke Firefighters Remodel Bryan Lawrence’s House

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In an outreach reminiscent of the popular tv show “Extreme Makeover, or possibly the local Habitat for Humanity build post Hurricane Katrina, Roanoke’s Firefighters step up to the plate again. No not stepping to the plate like at the annual softball game for MDA or the Golf Tournament (also for MDA), but rather an outreach of Roanoke’s Bravest looking out for one of Roanoke’s Finest. Yet another act that reminds me of how great it is to be a Roanoke Firefighter!

Several Roanoke Firefighters along with Roanoke Police Officers, local contractors, and company’s have taken on the task of remodelling Officer Bryan Lawrence’s house so that it is accessible for his wheelchair. 1st Lt. Scott Graham and Captain Scott Mutter have spent hours pulling permits, finding donors for material, lining up voluntary help, and working themselves to get Bryan’s house up to par. Bryan, who lives in a split level home in Roanoke County, is awaiting the day when his house will be ready for him to a couple of houses away, headed up the remodel with the help of Mutter who owns Mutter Construc move in. Having made the trip home to Roanoke from Atlanta (I believe) earlier this month, he now awaits his brothers with the Fire Department to get his home ready. Graham, who lives justtion. Between the two of them, they have pulled all the necessary permits and found labor and materials to help out. The remodel was kicked off when the current Roanoke Valley Regional Fire-EMS Recruit School showed up on day 1 to do some “deconstruction” and learn about building construction.

Since then, Graham and Mutter have relied on firefighters, police officers, and contractors who have generously given their time, skill, and labor to help with the remodel.

What they are having done is completely redesigning the master bath, making all interior doorways 36″, adding a deck onto the existing one which runs the length of the house, and adding in a chair lift. The deck will offer immediate egress from the master bedroom via a new entry door installed. The deck will also have a chair lift from the ground up to it so Bryan can get to the second floor.

I understand that Timber Truss has donated a lot of lumber for the remodel as well.

So, heres to the guys who have been able to help thus far. If you would like to help, please contact Mutter or Graham, or even me and I will forward the message.

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