Roanoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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Roanoke Firefighters were not swayed by the weather today for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (at least not all of us). Numerous firefighters and our families enjoyed the parade even though the weather was the worse it has been in years.

Captain Willie Wines Jr. seemed to be the ring leader for the festivities. We planned for the best, but prepared for the worst. Nathan Foutz was out at the crack of dawn preparing some of his famous chicken. That stuff will make you smack whoever is next to you. Willie brought his tractor and a trailer into town to carry the children and wives around in during the parade.

The event was rained on all day long. Although it seemed as though the even planners learne from last year not to scrap anything. If you remember last year all of the meteorologists were calling for rain yet it did not rain. The festival was canceled and many people were peeved when it ended up being very nice out. I remember walking in a tshirt.

This year they moved the festivities after the parade into Corned Beef and Company. A very strategic and financially beneficial move by the bar if you ask me.

Roanoke’s Bravest moved to the Union hall once the Parade was over for pizza and the ever famous Foutz Chicken. We enjoyed the comraderie at the Union Hall amoungst Firefighters, spouses, and children.

I must also add that we enjoyed the company of Mike Mohler, the VPFF President. Mike, along with our very own Mike Hanks, led us with the IAFF for McAulliffe Banner. Thanks for coming down to Roanoke Mike, we appreciate it and we hope you enjoyed yourself.

While the crowd was not as big, the parade not as long, and the festivities not as plentiful… YOUR Roanoke’s Bravest were there to enjoy themselves and to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This day only happens once a year and we weren’t going to give that up on account of rain.

Many thanks to Captain Wines, Lt. Foutz, Mike Hanks and Mike Mohler, and to all those who helped out with the day.


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  1. [...] The crowd was sparse at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown Roanoke today. It had to be the most miserable weather day possible for this much anticipated event. Years past it has been cold but this was the bone-chilling kind. This did not keep our bravest and finest Roanoke City Fire/EMS from enjoying themselves. Thanks to Rhett Fleitz for this picture and go to his website to see all of them HERE —> [...]

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