Danny and Zack’s First Responder’s Day

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K92 Listening area

Danny and Zack’s First Responder’s Day

Thursday, April 16th

If you’re a Fire, EMS, OR Police Person…We’ll take care of your breakfast!

Wear your uniform to any McDonalds in the K92 Listening area (over 57 locations)… and you’ll get a breakfast value meal absolutely free of charge.

Link to Mornin’ Thang: http://www.dannyandzack.com


7 Responses to “Danny and Zack’s First Responder’s Day”
  1. Camden Walters says:

    so if we are in roanoke then this does not work?? Cause it says (out of Roanoke)

  2. admin says:

    Sorry for the confusion. I had copied from posting on a different site. It includes all of K92 listening area including Roanoke. My intention was that people knew K92 was from Roanoke area.

  3. Tim Pickle says:

    Hey, Check the date on this event. It says 2008, is this a recurring event?

  4. admin says:

    It should be next week on the 16th as a tribute to the first responders and the VT tragedy. I am guessing that they did not update the flyer. I heard it on the radio this morning.

  5. Camden Walters says:

    and also it say “Weds the 16th” when they 16th is on thursday. just to let you know

  6. Camden Walters says:

    but anyways, it a free meal, so i will gladly dress up in my uniform to get mcdonalds

  7. admin says:

    Ok, I updated the information. I apologize, I got a hold of last years stuff. It is next Thursday on the 16th!

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