Don’t Turn Around

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Just when you think we have made headway, we are blindsided by a ball buster move by the National League of Cities.

OUR Friends over at Tri-Data (our latest axemen) were contracted out by the National League of Cities to see if firefighters are at more of a risk for cancer (something I thought was proven a long time ago).

The National League of Cities has published this report and a press release on how firefighters are at no more risk than anyone else.

In case you don’t know who Tri-Data is, they are the ones who put the last nail in the coffin for our most recent downsizing. By most recent I mean all of it. By all of it, I mean our current lack of manpower, trucks which just disappear into the night, and station closures.

Those presumptive laws which Virginia DOES have were fought for by your IAFF brothers and sisters. Those laws were created for our benefit and we deserve them.

This is just another reason why you should be INVOLVED in your Local IAFF. This is why they exist, and this is why they need support.


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  1. Ghost says:

    I am outraged!
    Apparently Tri-Data will say anything for a price. Anyone that would say we are not exposed to cancer causing atmospheres when engaged in the profession of fighting fire is a fool. There are very, very few jobs with the massive amount of exposure we face (both in Fire and in EMS)

    If the National League of Cities wants a report to say this, then it must be because they want to take away the benefit that we may receive if we have cancer, or that our widows and children may receive if we do not survive cancer.
    They are trying to set the stage to revoke the presumptive law.

    We risk our lives for others and are constantly under attack from people that reduce our manpower and equipment; which increases our risk (yes, here in Roanoke)!
    They built new stations, but consider this, buildings don’t fight fire!

    They constantly attack our salaries and benefits and at the same time ask us to do more for less

    They increase our risk and treat us ever increasingly bad.
    More and more of our people are seeking better jobs.
    We value our lives and our families but obviously there are some that don’t.
    We are abused by poor management that uses the economy as an excuse to continue their assault on us.

    The public appreciates us. God bless them.
    Management seems to be an enemy intent on running us off.

    Who will come to your aid then?

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