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dsc00044bCaptain Pete Price passed away yesterday. He was hired on November 1, 1948 and retired April 28, 1984. He was a true character among Roanoke’s Bravest.

I met Pete along with Robert Guthrie back about 8 years ago at another firefighter’s funeral. I do not remember who’s funeral it was, and at the time I rarely knew the retired firefighters we were burying. So there I was with some of my brothers and we were talking to Pete and Robert after the graveside service. Those guys just took to us and told us some stories. Some of the stories probably had to do with the deceased, others were just about the FD. One thing was sure; Pete and Robert were hilarious and had some great stories.

It wasn’t too long from that funeral that I bumped into Pete and Robert at another Retired Firefighter’s Funeral. Once again we enjoyed the camaraderie after the interment with Pete and Robert.

Then there was the retirees breakfasts at the Union Hall. We just wrapped up the third one and you should see the look on those guys faces when they get together. However, there were always those guys who seemed to enjoy it more…like Pete Price and Roady Kelly. Pete was all smiles and enjoyed telling the stories.

And so it was the case this past Tuesday, at the retirees breakfast, that I got to hear some of Pete’s stories again. Lucky for you all I recorded it.

I must say that Pete was one of those guys I could listen to all day long.


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  1. LouAnn Price Swisher says:

    I am Captain Pete Price’s daughter and I just want to THANK each & EVERY ONE of you from the bottom of my heart for your many acts of kindness shown to our family during Pete’s passing. I’ve always heard that firefighters are a closeknit and loyal group, but that has never been so evident as seeing so many of you come to the funeral home visitation for Daddy, to his home to comfort our family, and to his funeral service. We were especially touched and comforted by your solemn display of respect during the funeral procession, as firefighters stood by their fire trucks and saluted as the procession passed each major intersection on the way to the cemetery.

    The deep respect and camaraderie exhibited by each of you, even the young firemen/women not old enough to have ever worked with my Dad, is just amazing.

    I thank you too for the video of my Dad at the Union breakfast just before his death. For you to take the time and interest in an old, retired fireman “warrior” to record his stories, is such a sweet tribute, and we will forever treasure this last recording of my Dad.

    Again, THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful acts of compassion for a fellow-firefighter and his family.

    LouAnn (Price) Swisher
    & the entire Price family


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