Firefighters need our Prayers

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Just a quick message to Roanoke’s Bravest, our Families, and our Friends. We have a couple of guys we need to keep in our prayers.

Dave Palmer is in the hospital. He needs our prayers. I understand that some of the guys are getting together to help out at his house. I will be happy to post any information here. I don’t want to go into too much detail and I have not been given the full diagnosis, but he and his family are looking at a long recovery.

Retired Chief Billly Obenchain is returning to Duke this upcoming week. I don’t know much else, but that we should also be praying for him.

We also have several out on light duty finishing up their injury/illness/operation leave who should be joining us back in the station soon. Bennington, Kincer, Elmore, Foutz, Jordan, etc.

Retired Captain Ronnie Renick is still recovering from his motorcycle accident from what I hear.

Mark Nelson is still out on his ordeal. I still don’t understand the guilty until proven innocent deal. I really feel that administrative leave with pay should be used in these circumstances while the judicial system works. Unless you are jailed that is. However, I do not know the full details so I might just be totally off base.

Finally, Bryan Fichtner is still going through what I would call a very raw deal. Truthfully, in most any FD in the Nation I feel he would be looking at full disability. Instead we have him working some each day. No bright side to that story!

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