Captain Chris Brown Update

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As I am sure that many of you are looking for updates on the condition of Chris Brown, I am willing to share bits here and there when I can. I am NOT a point of contact for the family, therefore I will not disclose everything I hear. I will more than likely be posting information after there is plenty of time for the information to be disseminated other ways. This will ensure that I am giving truthful updates.

I spoke with Chris’ mother earlier and she told me that he was given an EEG. The results have not been disclosed to the family yet. There is approximately 50 friends, family members, and firefighters in the waiting room on the 9th floor of Neuro-Trauma ICU. The last time I checked in was approximately 2pm.

Most of all, we need to continue to keep Chris and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Everyone is going through a tough time.

If in deed you would like an update. Please email me with your phone number and I will call you back ( My phone number is published on my Facebook page if you would like to call as well.

Update on Dave Palmer: I also spoke with Dave Palmer today. He is doing better and was heading over for his first treatment today. I spoke with him around 2pm and dropped of a DVD player and some DVD’s. If you want, you could drop him off some DVD’s too.

I will be heading out of town to Nashville in the morning (Friday). I will be available and will be checking on Chris’ status.

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