Firefighter Needs Your Prayers

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We have a Captain who is in need of prayers. Not only him, but his family too. I stopped by RMH earlier tonight to speak with his brothers who congregated there. He is in a fight for his life and needs prayers. He is in the ICU on the 9th floor currently although he cannot have visitors directly. However, his family, friends, and brothers are there and hanging out in the hallway and waiting room.

Say an extra prayer tonight for our Brother.


I saw Dave Palmer tonight. He is in good spirits and is recuperating. He has a long haul in front of him. You should take a minute to stop in and say hello. I think he would love some movies (DVD’s) if you would like to drop one off. Dave’s wife has been hanging out by his side and his mother has been helping watch the children.

Oh yeah…

Drew Abel and his wife are at RMH as well. They just welcomed a brand new baby into the World a couple days ago. From what I understand they are all doing well. I would have stopped in, but it was late and I didn’t want to bother them.

In case you guys didn’t realize, Cory D. Craighead passed away the other day. I hesitated to comment on his death due to being on the call and HIPPA laws.

Cory was our MDA Ambassador for Local 1132 several years ago. The first time I met him he was still walking. Soon after he started relying more and more on a wheelchair to get around. Over the years I lost touch with him and his parents. However, Local 1132 continued to raise money along with the IAFF for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Cory’s battle with MDA ended the other day and he was buried today. He was a blessed little guy and is in a better place now. He will be missed.

At the hospital, his father told me that Cory stated all he wanted for his funeral was a firetruck in the procession. From what I am told we made this happen. Rodney Jordan got the engine there and the Salem Firefighters offered an extra special showing at the cemetary. They put Ladder 1 in the air and stood at attention. Great job guys. Way to show them that we care.


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  1. Charles says:

    Rhett can you tell us more on Chris Brown and whats going on with him?? That dont really tell us alot.

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