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Roanoke Bravest Football….meeting coming up on October 20th. Visit Roanoke Bravest Football website here.

The team seems to be coming along. The website is still being tweaked!

You know what I think is the funniest about all of this is that there are firefighters worried about other firefighters getting hurt playing football…yeah you read that right.You’re a damn fireman….our job is dangerous. Firefighters die each year doing the job and you are worried about playing football in pads. Get real!

Supposedly Administration is worried too. Since when do they give a hoot about us getting hurt.

You want to know what would tell me that Admin is worried about us getting hurt? DISABILITY RETIREMENT!!! That is what would truly let me know they care!


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  1. Homer Simpson says:

    Maybe they are worried because of what is going to happen when these guys get hurt?.and yes they will get hurt..Whats gonna happen when they can’t work??.what happens if they don’t have enough leave?? Do you think the city has an obligation since these guys were playing football?? It sure as hell ain’t no workers comp claim.. Please tell oh great one the answers to these seem to have ALL the answers

  2. FireFleitz says:

    Still scared to use your real name…What a shame.

    What is the city going to do when they get hurt? The same thing they do when we have knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries, organ transplants, appendicitis, broken wrists, pulled muscles, lacerations, babies, and whatever else comes up…they put us on light duty. Whether the injury/illness is done on duty or off, it is their solution to losing hours to extended illness or paid leave. At this point, I don’t see how they can start punishing one for playing football instead of other causes.

    No it isn’t a workers comp. claim, but neither are many of the examples above. Did you do tug of war? What about flag football? Volleyball at the station? Softball? Ice Hockey? I guess none of these can cause injuries.

    Like I said in the post…I would be more worried about getting incapacitated on the job to the point you can’t work anymore than tearing a ligament out on the field. I got a brother you can ask about that if you want.

    If you live in fear of getting hurt and not being able to work then you should just stay at home in your padded house. You have more chance of getting hurt in a vehicle accident or hitting your head on the underside of the desk.

    However, I do hear they are looking for a waterboy!

  3. Todd Stone says:


    Therefore, you are saying that if you get hurt playing football you need to be treated different. What about a Firefighter that is a plumber, carpenter, Diesel mechanic, Lawn care man, painter or Volunteer firefighter on his days off and gets hurt its ok? You should be VERY careful how you say things. The next thing you know the city will be telling us ALL what we can and cannot do on our days off! Why is it that their 27 fire and police teams in this league and they seem to do fine and have fun but As usual it cannot be done in Roanoke? Come on MAN its football, Not Russian roulette.

    Do you think if you get hurt on duty you will be treated fairly? Name five firefighters that have retired on disability in the last 20 years THAT DID NOT HAVE TO FIGHT FOR IT? Ask Brian Fichtner how he would grade the city on their treatment and care for him after his ON DUTY INJURY?

    I am not begging anyone to play football, if you want to play then play, if not that is ok too. Yeah someone may get hurt, (Hell it maybe me) However, I am going to live now and worry about it tomorrow!

    Todd Stone

    Please do not make this a war of words spoken from hidden people behind screen names. We will be playing all games for charity. This should be a good thing, Do not make it out to be so negative. Thanks

  4. Slap Nut says:

    I dont think I will be playing football.

    I do feel safe that I will not get hit with a meteor though….Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck will make sure of that.

    If I started the olympic sport of Curling could I get injured as well?

  5. FireFleitz says:

    You would have to check and see if curling is an approved off-duty activity.

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