Two Very Important Items

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First of all, if you are able/willing/want to work on Monday so that others (B-shifters) may go to the funeral please contact Captain Trussler at 2B. Just to put it into perspective for you…some people who were close with Chris might not be able to go because they are working. If you are a newer guy, take your lumps and offer to work on monday so that others can to to the funeral. It will only be for a couple hours. I remember taking my lumps when BC Tyree died. I worked for J.J. Price so that he could go to the funeral. I did it for free.

Warren “Calhoon” Hawley Passed Away

It is with deep sadness that I inform you of Warren Hawley’s passing. Warren aka Calhoun or Floor Board (for the way he drived) died of a heart attack earlier today. Warren retired back in 1984? I will have a better write-up, some photos, and the arrangments when I can get to them. Warren was a friend of mine and helped me with the book Firefighting in Roanoke. His mind was a steel trap!


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  1. Kent McIlhany says:

    Thank you Rhett. I am a B shifter and will be there regardless. I dont care if they dont cover me. So please help me!

  2. Calhoun Hawley was a great guy, and a great firefighter. I enjoyed every visit he made to #10. I will miss you, my dear friend. I will keep your memory alive.

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