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This is a reminder that Warren “Calhoun” Hawley will be buried on Tuesday, October 27th. Please attend if you can at the Peters Creek Oakey’s North.


If you have photos, video, text, or anything else you would like to share about Captain Chris Brown please send it in. I will be working on a post for tomorrow with images from his funeral. Send them to admin@roanokefire.com.

I must say that I was overwhelmed today by a couple of things

  • The amount of Roanoke County and Salem Firefighters who were willing to work for the City guys so we could attend the funeral.
  • The Honor Guard is always amazing. Great job guys! Very tight!
  • The amount of firefighters from outside the Valley. Thank you for coming to celebrate Chris’ life.

To all those who had anything to do with the events today, you did a great job!

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